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Vida simples: deixemos as bigornas e bugigangas pra trás

After a lot of things we went through in our life, we can to learn the essential to us: the life is not easy but really can be lived like simple mode. Mainly when we follow our heart, we made a lot of mistakes in all sizes. But that’s ok =D the worst mistake would have been if we not had choosen our way in our life. So, congratulations if you followed you heart until here. And if you made a lot of mistakes too, don’t worry about that [just I hope you have learned] because the knowledge you have now is the most important.

About myself, I made mistakes in my life, I went by wrong way some times [thank God I did not continue to do – at least not the same mistakes ahaha].

But now I feel I know exactly the right way to follow by the next times and the best: to me it’s very simple. Finally I can understand what means “the best way of live life is simple way”. And I’m not saying it’s so easy.. really is not easy.

But is so simple I can to describe here right now: we need take care about our health [we need practice some exercises and have a good food]; in parallel, we need take care with our spiritual side [it’s very important]. And we need take care our family [including true friends] always with love. So, if we have the three things above, we have power to fight, to move forward in our lives in pursuit of our biggest goals. But for it be possible.. first we need believe and love ourselves. Well, aside from that, something else is wasting time.

But everyone already don’t know that? I say.. maybe, but has a really difference between to know and to understand it in practice.

A time I was talking with a friend [Andrea from Floripa, BR] and she said about when her traveled by Europe a few months ago, a major learning to her was “we often carry an unnecessary burden in our lives”. I agree 100% with her!

So, what do you think about we leave the unnecessary burden here right now? Let’s move forward just with a little of things [preferably necessary things and light things]. See you ; )