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Ireland road trip: over 1000 km in 3 days

Hi there =]

I’ll talk about a road trip made almost three months ago with some new brazilian friends from here. The idea came from Andrea when she invited me and other three friends [Laís, Camila and Bruno] for to make a trip and, almost without to think, we said yes to her =] Was really great idea, thanks Dea by invite ;] [detail: we decided on thursday and we traveled on next morning, that is, at friday morning].

So, at morning of 24/feb. we [I and Andrea] left home in Dublin 13 [at the time I still lived in Dublin 13] and went to meet others in the city centre. From there we went to the airport where we rented a car and started our road trip.

So, in the first day we went to Cliffs of Moher [near to Galway City] on West Coast. It’s a wonderful place where we stayed for a few hours taking many photos and observing, seeing, looking it.

Then we went down to the Southwest Coast until a city called Tralee where we slept. For to arrive there we needed cross a bay on ferry-boat and go down over more three other cities. When we arrived there [Tralee] we hadn’t booked any hostel, actually, we hadn’t at least researched any hostel, we didn’t knew fees or prices, nothing uouuu [in this moment – about 9 p.m. – I sure, I was already thinking to sleep in the car]. But after much searching.. we found a hostel that was our salvation for the night: Castle Hostel on city centre of Tralee [I really recommend].. mainly by the Mr. very polite who served us there. Thank God!

At the next morning we woke up, made our breakfast and hit the road again. This time we went to Rings of Kerry. It’s a great travel and we stayed on road for many hours [but it’s worth, is a place that can’t leave to be seen]. As darkness fell we arrived in Cork City, where we spent the night. We slept in Sheila’s Hostel [this time we had researched rsrs]. So, we left and went to know a little of the night of Cork.. we went to a nice pub and we drank a few beers. Then we slept and at follow morning we went to Kilkenny for to see the Kilkenny Castle.

So, we were really tired.. we decided follow back to Dublin. This day was when I moved to new apartment in city centre.


1- Driving on right side is really strange. First I stayed tense and worried. Later a few hours I could feel driving better, more comfortable, but still was bad… mainly because when I was accommodated [especially driving at night], my brain seemed to confuse me, that is, sometimes I thought the rest of the car was in my right .. but was actually on my left. It was very confusing and had to be aware of this fact 100% of the time. On the second day driving was much better.. the brain is really fantastic.

2- The Ireland has a lot of wonderful places. Is a nice country to see and to know.. so, travelling from a side to another. But do you want know? The Brazil is more beautiful, hotter and much better than Ireland ;] I couldn’t miss that comment ahahah

And when I had nothing to do.. I just rode my Rubik’s Cube =]

So.. that’s it! Hugs